How Would You Feel If You Kicked Toxic Chemicals To The Curb AND Felt HEALTHY Once And For All WITHOUT The Overwhelm?

Tired of Healthy Lifestyle OVERWHELM?

Watch my video on how you can add essential oils to your life!

Just 5 drops of PanAway essential oil blend in 1 cup of epsom salts changed everything...

Sounds dramatic but it is true. I put just 5 drops in that cup of epsom salts and dumped the mixture in a warm bath. The most soothing and relaxing bath I've ever had. 

It was like taking an eraser to my whole body--like pressing a physical reset button.

I got a little ahead of'd probably like to know a little bit about them first.

What are essential oils? In short, they are steam distilled from plant material or cold-pressed from the rind of fruit. They are the essence of the plant, the part with the therapeutic benefits.

How do I use them? Three ways: Aromatic (smell), Topical (apply to skin), and Ingesting (in capsules, mixed with a carrier oil like coconut oil, or honey).

Let me give you an example of aromatic...there is some science behind this. I'm not a science person though. I research extensively, make a decision, take action and then just retain the highlights of my research.

Here's what you need to know...essential oil molecules go through your nose to your olfactory bulb to your limbic system to your hypothalamus and trigger a parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system response. #science

This is what that means simplified: you smell the aroma and it triggers you to feel relaxed or uplifted or some other way based on you as a unique individual. It can even trigger a memory response!​

Just 2 drops of Lavender essential oil or Stress Away essential oil blend in my diffuser next to my bed and I feel like I'm back at a spa receiving the most luxurious massage. My mind wanders to that moment and my whole body responds with complete relaxation. 

​Topically, I apply essential oils mixed with a carrier oil like coconut oil, almond oil, or hemp seed oil (among other options) to my skin to soothe and moisturize it. 

Our skin is our largest organ in our body and everything we put ON our skin ends up IN our bloodstream! Shocking, right?​

"Just a couple of drops of Frankincense essential oil and Lavender essential oil mixed in some hemp seed oil is how I support my maturing skin. Best. Face. Serum. Ever!​

When you really start diving into essential oils I suggest grabbing Rose, Geranium, and Lemongrass!

My 9 year olds LOVE all of the citrus oils and we use Lavender every day. Peppermint is great for their digestive system support too.​"

Hiiiii there! I'm Kara. :)

Ingesting oils!?? What the what?

Yes, you can! Young Living Vitality line of essential oils ONLY though.

Young Living has something called the Seed to Seal promise. They go above and beyond to make sure everything in those bottles is exactly as it should be. Click here to read about all of Young Living's farms.

Did you know how important it is to buy essential oils from a TRUSTED SOURCE? Bottles of essential oils only have to have as little as 5% REAL essential oil in them to be labeled "100% pure." YES, this is bananas.

I was an Officer in the Navy for 6 years and I learned a thing or two about "trust but verify." You can actually visit Young Living's farms and participate in the process. They are so transparent!

They strive to harvest sustainably to make sure there are oils for generations to come. I've visited 4 distilleries around the world and I've been impressed by all that they do.

My twin daughters living the dream during a visit to the Young Living Lavender farm in Mona, Utah. They asked to visit the Lavender farm in France....someday ladies, someday. :)

I can't wait to visit the Young Living farm in Ecuador this fall with my husband during Platinum Retreat. Gotta love a FREE trip too!

Seed to Seal and farms you can visit = #winning! 

Still want to know MORE about the oils in the kit?

RC essential oil blend is another one of your 11 essential oils that will come in your kit....TWO WORDS for you---CHEST RUB! Place a couple of drops in the palm of your hand, add some coconut oil and rub on your chest.....ahhhh. All kinds of eucalyptus oils just open everything right up!

Purification essential oil blend is all about getting rid of stinky everything. Diffuse to neutralize odors, add a few drops to baking soda for a carpet deodorizer, or whip up a bottle of room spray.

Easy peasy!​

Now it's time to present your offer as the perfect solution to everything you've been talking about so far in your story.

Show me the VALUE!

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When you get started with the Premium Starter Kit you get to CHOOSE YOUR DIFFUSER and you get 11 bottles of essential oils---just enough to "get your feet wet."

The Aria $260

The Rainstone $205

The Home $160

The DewDrop $160

While we were holding back before, it's now time to be very specific. Talk about your product, what it is, what your customer gets when they purchase. At this point, after all the buildup, your readers really want to know what you have to offer, so don't hold back.